Amma Chuurrrrrr-azy ?

       What de’ hell ? He called me CHUURRRR-azy ?! In a code and then , he broke it ? Lewls . Such a ….

       When I think about it again and again .. It’s such a funny thing . Because I started it first and I think, I don’t. *confuse* These are the conversations of me and him : 

Him : Bla.. Blaa ...

Me  : Alright , Babe !

Him : 7’d8’a6 45’d3’a

Me  : Maksudnyee ? *imma really-II confused*

Him : Jnggn mrh grau je.. mksdnye=rum gle  

       The conversation between me and him like childish aitee ? Haha *big laugh*. Okayy. The code is 7’d8’a6 45’d3’a . Yes ! I have told u before . Oh ! Saya memang dah terkedu part tu . Maybe , he don’t understand what I wanna explain specifically to him . Finee , and FULLSTOP. 

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