Dakwah - Part I

Dakwah. This is ma first entry about dakwah. Im not good in this. So, ill write what I know in ma knowledgement. Ehe’! Dakwah boleh dilakukan dimana sahaja. Tepi jalan, pasar, dalam bas and everywhere.

Yeah, I wanna share something that I found last night in the internet. Specifically at ATINACHAN BOUTIQUE’s Fb. You can click it on that name. It’s sooo worldwide J

Sincerely from ma heart, I was crying when watching this vid. Allahuakbar. Lihatlah keindahan islam. Mereka menyebarkan syiar islam walaupun hanya di tepi jalan. Subhanallah. Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Esa and the Almighty. 

Follow the flow

  Tahun baru. New year. 2013. Semua orang menuju ke destinasi dan matlamat baru. I don’t know what will coming in future. Ehem. Stop the crap.


I don’t wanna stay in Kelab Pencegah Jenayah anymore.
I don’t wanna stay in PP anymore.
I don’t wanna stay in softball, sometime…

God, I through and face all the same things everyday. How I could stay for this everyday. Friends, like hell. They like, “Everything I do is the best” Lol. There must be some wire terputus kat their brains. :B