Dakwah - Part I

Dakwah. This is ma first entry about dakwah. Im not good in this. So, ill write what I know in ma knowledgement. Ehe’! Dakwah boleh dilakukan dimana sahaja. Tepi jalan, pasar, dalam bas and everywhere.

Yeah, I wanna share something that I found last night in the internet. Specifically at ATINACHAN BOUTIQUE’s Fb. You can click it on that name. It’s sooo worldwide J

Sincerely from ma heart, I was crying when watching this vid. Allahuakbar. Lihatlah keindahan islam. Mereka menyebarkan syiar islam walaupun hanya di tepi jalan. Subhanallah. Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Esa and the Almighty. 

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